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People often ask: What does dev[metal] stand for? How did you come up with that name? What exactly do you do? We are more than happy to explain. Here are our answers:

dev[metal] is the fusion of "dev" + "metal".

"dev" stands for development - in our case this is project and software development. We have specialized in smart app and web design. From brainstorming, conception and planning to the implementation and operation of digital solutions, we develop exactly what you need to rapidly move forward.
"metal": As innovative software manufacturer, we offer you digital craftsmanship. We forge tough products which are of high quality design. We focus on individuality and offer tailor made solutions.

[ our team ]

A company is only as good as its employees. We believe in this statement. When we come together as a team for a meeting it feels like friends meet. This culture does not only create a great atmosphere full of creativity, it also has a positive effect on our products. When you’ll work with us you will notice the difference.

Our team already includes over 100 partners worldwide. Our network is constantly growing. We are introducing Team 1 to you:

CEO & Founder

Product Owner 

Product Owner 

Tech Lead

Software Engineer

Graphic Designer

Digital Hero 

We live in times where digitalization, agility and outstanding design are becoming increasingly important. Markets are extremely volatile and demand the highest flexibility from all of us in order to survive in the long term. Our motto is: real digital. real agile. real design. We chose this motto for a reason. We aspire to give our best every day to live up to our vision. But we're not perfect. If, in spite of our best efforts, you feel that we no longer meet our own standards in one of our projects, ask for me personally and I promise you that we will do everything we can to surpass your expectations."
– Dennis Hollmann, CEO & Founder

In addition to his function as CEO, Dennis Hollmann is also a book author. His knowledge of business coaching, in particular on leadership culture, digitalization, agility and start-ups, is discussed in his book. If you would like to have more information about the book, please visit his author page:

As soon as the book is available online, you will be able to order it through our website.

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