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How do you work with dev[metal] as business broker?

As business broker you help us win new customers. For each recommendation that wins us a new customer you will be rewarded with a brokerage commission for his first project.

So a brief email to a friend or business partner may really pay off for you!

This is how it works:
  • Fill out the form below.
  • We will reply to you and send you our recommendation text.
  • Now start writing an email to the potential customer you would like to recommend our services to.
  • Feel free to add personal experiences you’ve made with dev[metal]. The more personal the email the better.
  • Now you send your email.
  • The email text includes a link to our website through which a potential customer can book a free consulting with dev[metal].

What are the requirements for payment of your brokerage commission?

Our system is simple: Whenever dev[metal] earns money, you earn money, too.

The following conditions must be met for payment of the brokerage commission:

  • The customer is a new customer for dev[metal]. We have never worked with him before.
  • This is the customer’s first project with dev[metal].
  • The business broker can only recommend dev[metal] to other companies and not his own.
  • The customer has paid for the respective sprint.

What exactly do you receive as a brokerage commission?

For every sprint we sell to a new customer in his first project with dev[metal] you get 150€ gross.

So if it is a small project with only one sprint, you will receive 150€ gross.

If it's a larger project, your brokerage commission is multiplied by the number of sprints. For example:
5 sprints x 150€ gross = 750€ gross.

You will receive your commission as soon as the customer pays each respective sprint.

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