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Why do you want to go more digital? It's simple: you know that if you expand your range and digital visibility, you'll reach more people. That means more customers > more sales > higher turnover = your future-proof digital market share. There are different ways to reach your goal. For example via an app (App Store or Google Play Store), via a website, or via both at the same time. We call this strategy the WApp Experience.

Take a look at our awesome chart that will give you a complete and concise overview of what we can do for you!

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This is our offer to you: We’ll schedule a free virtual consulting. If you’d like to work with us you can buy one sprint of 40 working hours for our team. In a kick-off meeting you and our product owner (your personal contact) will establish the schedule for your personal WApp Experience. In weekly meetings we continue to develop the product with you. You will direct and prioritize the course of the project. Thus, you’ll always stay in full control. According to your priorities, the sprint will be completed, and the respective hours deducted from your budget. At the end of the sprint you’ll hold the finished product in your hands. If you are ready to take your product to the next level, you simply buy an additional 40 hour sprint according to our framework contract.

In addition, we offer monthly subscriptions that cover everything you need for maintenance and support of your website, your shop, or your app. Do you need legal advice or an online marketing strategy? We also offer you this as a package.

But what exactly can you expect for 1, 2 or more sprints?

  • Mobile App (App Store or Google Play Store) - from 3 sprints
  • Online Shop - from 2 sprints
  • Website - from 1 sprint
  • Online Marketing Concept - from 1 sprint
  • Brand Design - from 1 sprint
  • 40h sprints. No matter if it's 1 or 100.
  • Each week a tangible result in your own hands.
  • Prioritize what is important to you.
  • We keep it simple: product owner, tech lead and design lead = one prize.
  • Maintenance & Support: Hosting, Version-Updates, Security Protection, Email Support, Backups, Bug Fixing
  • Content Management: Content Editing, Content Upload, Email Support
  • Online Marketing: Consulting, On-Page-Analysis, Analysis of competitors, Definition of keywords, Recommendations for action
  • Legal Check: Data protection, general terms and conditions, contracts, website check, advertisement check, imprint, cookies check
  • Online Marketing Strategy: SEO, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, Traffic Optimization, Social Media Management

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